Products and Projects that communicate, entertain and impact.

We build out products with the audience, environment, and corporate partnership in mind. We create products that are sustainable, profitable, and impactful. Our products are creatively inspired and designed to be different, fresh, and dynamic and are made to exist and thrive in a co-assisted ecosystem of PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, PROMOTION and DEVELOPMENT.

We create solutions to achieve brand goals

Our goal is to provide our clients with creative services tailored to their specific needs, objectives, and financial outlook.
We believe that Creativity is not about us. We create with purpose. We CREATE TO IMPACT
If it’s not Creative and positively impacting our clients’ image, growth and bottomline, we don’t do it. Simple.
This vision guides all we do by making sure that on every task or brief all staff and team ask the following questions: Is the solution Creative? Is it based on knowledge from client, environment, and users? does it represent our creative capacity well? Will it impact our image and bottom line positively? Will it impact our clients image and bottom line positively?

Works & Projects

If you are looking for a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience altogether, we offer all of that under one roof.

Lil Thunder: OLOJU OROGBO Graphic Novel

ICS comics is working in partnership with one of Nigeria’s leading comic studios PEDA Studios to produce the tale of the young diet


Written by the talented Mamode Ogbewele, the emblem of justice explores the past, present and future of himself and all within the ICSComics Universe in this all encompassing book

Yangah hosts the Street Presidents

EXCA partners with yangah Marketplace to bring you the socially conscious TShirt Design and Motivational series to inspire leadership in s all

Think. Create. Impact.

Here are some of our most recent projects and clients

Meet Your New Best Friends.

We are dedicated to finding and producing the best and most suitable solutions for your brand and communication needs.

The one on whom rests the creative crown. Charging headlong into every creative project with as much creative energy as he puts into charting our corporate strategy and champions the company’s vision.

– Ibrahim Adeola Ganiyu (SirGai)

She keeps our engine running. Financial prudency is the key to great execution. Managing people and processes to ensure we get maximum bang for every kobo we make and spend. Our Social Media activities are in her care as well.

– Abosede Sobodu

An overhead financial supervisor who help keep our records and financial documents in order. Her vast accounting experience and sense of dedication is an asset.

– Seun Adelusi

Charting our web presence requires experience in the most flexible and effective web platforms. She keeps us constantly on the edge of website technology for us and for our clients.

– Adedayo Adeniyi

On the deck, everything must be spick and span. Proper and well organised. She keeps our work space and documentation up to speed.

– Tosin Olufunwa

Lead designer and digital illustrator with experience in print and digital platforms.

– Mohammed Obe


We can help you fit your requests and experience within your allotted budget.

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