It’s the future, not too distant. Japan, after so many years of keeping the Hiroshima grudge against America, and building itself up technologically, took advantage of a small mistake of the US when a missile meant for a middle east country hit its shores by sending a bomb they have been working on for years to America, California to be precise. The destruction was unlike any other. It was Hiroshima times 3. America declared war and japan was eager, it was about time someone brought America down from its high horse. Despite UN calls for a diplomatic resolution, America launched an attack. 5 missiles towards Japan. As expected 2 missiles missed their targets and hit Russia. It was swift retaliation. Before long within a month, countries picked sides, America knew why people hated it and loved it. The Russian retaliation hit the capitol during a presidential meeting. The pentagon initiated operation wipeout. Weapons Floating in space for over ten years and aimed at 5 perceived enemy nations were activated. and launched. But about 12 missiles were heading America’s way. By the time it was over, continents sank; water levels rose, free land became toxic. All that was left was parts of Africa – which had not partaken in the war- northern Nigeria, and parts of northern africa, egypt, niger, chad.

All else was radioactive. Somehow the pyramids survived, the air within them breathable because it came from deep within the earth. Some Survivors hid within it. The last refuge for the survivors became Nigeria, whose air was still unpolluted; its technology became that of all, its culture, art, and life also. The center of all is the island formerly called Lagos, now known as became separated from Nigeria when worldwide water levels rose. In the distant from Laogosia one could see the top parts of the sacred Olumo rock, there are even rumours of survivors living underwater in the now sunken kingdoms of Oyo and Benin.

The highest level of technology available was found only in Lagosia, the computer city (formerly computer village) to be exact. Drinkable water is scarce, food is scarcer as more and more survivors land in Lagosia most having lost their memories due to the atmospheric pollution of where they were. Garri is staple. Most land could only germinate cassava. More people farm and the pleasures of life, as we know it is non-existent. Religion is stronger and more diverse.

From the Island of Lagosia, an expedition is being sent to find more free land, survivors and find out how much of the earth is habitable and above water. And to find out how to get the earth back.

This is their story, their adventure.

Welcome to the Island of Lagosia.