The question has been asked so many times yet it is without a credible answer; while still presenting several (and perhaps actually correct) definitions. I have come to terms with the fact that we may never be able to credibly define creativity because, it’s not a thing. It’s not an object or an element or a study, or subject, topic or event. Creativity just is.

The best way I believe creativity can best be looked at is by how its exhibited, what it does and the result it generates.

Let’s break it down…

How do you even create? what does it mean to create? Make something out of nothing? (very famous answer!), make something new from something old? Solve a problem by using available resources? That last one sounds more like the definition for management!

However looking at all the available response to that question (except that one on “something from nothing” That’s God’s territory) you will find something that doesn’t pop out till you really look at it. All of these thoughts on how to create base themselves on prior knowledge. You must know to create! It will appear that a basic prerequisite for making or creating is Knowledge (aka Information). You can not create what you didn’t know. Think about this; would man have thought of the possibility of flight if there had been no contact/sighting of flying animals? would we have thought of a device for capturing images of light if we had no eyes?

Pre-existence is key to creativity.